At an international school in Hong Kong, a culturally confused teenager attempts to prove that she's a local, rejecting her so-called “westernized” friends and interests in the process.
Pineapple (菠蘿)” is a coming-of-age web series about cultural identity in Hong Kong. The story explores the unspoken divides between young Hong Kongers from different backgrounds and the stereotypes they each strive to overcome. Through 10 episodes, the characters navigate high school, superstardom, and deformed pineapple buns, until they find new ways to belong.
The series is available to watch on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Between each episode, transmedia elements such as text messages, Instagram posts, and vlogs from the characters appear on the series' Facebook page. 
Created and Produced by Jane Chow and Peter Rafe
Directed by Jane Chow
Written by Peter Rafe
Director of Photography: Andy Fronczak
Production Designer: Angela Chiu
Hair & Makeup Artist: Krishna Kanaiya
Wardrobe Stylist: Ro Fung
Editors: Jane Chow, Clark Zhu, Yimin Gu, Sam Solino Mazahery, Ryan Harpole
Motion Graphics Editor: Yixia Li
Composer: Tav Bartlett
Sound Designer: Emily Chan
Colorist: Joseph Yao
Bentonville Film Festival | 2020 | Official Selection
deadCenter Film Festival | 2020 | Official Selection
Asian American International Film Festival | 2019 | Finalist in Best Episodic
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | 2019 | Official Selection
Top Shorts Film Festival | 2019 | Honorable Mention: Web Series
Independent Shorts Awards | 2019 | Best Web Series/TV Pilot
Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards | 2019 | Best Web Series
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